Artem Tyurin

November 2021

The daylight time is getting shorter, and so is this lookback.

A few friends are back in the city after their long trips, so I spent most of the month catching up with everyone.

I've attended my first proper Thanksgiving dinner, where I randomly met another person who works for Apple in the Netherlands.

To further fuel my interest in biology, I've signed up for the Biohack Academy 2022 that starts in February. It is a 10-week program with lectures and, most exciting, lab experiments.

I am also continuing with the MIT course.

I've read a book of essays and blog posts of Anton Nossik, and it brought back memories of working at LiveJournal where I met Anton a few times. His unexpected death was a deep shock to me. His writing and way of thought had a big influence on me at the time.

After returning from Moscow, I've watched Soviet and Russian movies. A few I can recommend are: I Am Twenty (1965), The Cranes Are Flying (1957), and Silent Souls (2010).

I've also had an opportunity to watch a very recent documentary about the Moscow subway that was featured on IDFA. Heartwarming and sad at the same time, like many things about modern Russia.

The need to create a wishlist for a Secret Santa event triggered my OCD, and I spent a few hours adding the "owned" tag and many others to the book list on Goodreads.

I thought of picking a new sport activity after completing a marathon, but most indoor options like weight lifting, rock climbing, or squash are still limited due to the recent lockdown. So I think I'll start running again as it is a suitable opportunity to drag myself outside to catch a bit of daylight.

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